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Projects | August 3, 2020

Mobility and the Work of the Future

Jason Jackson, John Leonard, David Mindell, Elisabeth Reynolds, Paul Osterman, Allison Forbes, Anuraag Singh

The MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future is examining the relationships between technology, work, and society through the lens of mobility, using Southeastern Michigan (the Detroit MSA) as a case study. The automotive industry and transportation as a whole are being transformed by new technologies and business models that directly impact the nature of work and jobs in those industries, while also shaping labor markets, transportation systems, and urban and regional planning. New advances in autonomous transportation shape labor markets and affect firm and household decisions about where to locate, as well as how (and how far) to commute. New business models such as ride- and car-sharing platforms increase gig economy work—and also the possibility of more regulation due to how these new platforms are emerging and are being shaped by social and economic institutions. Regional transportation systems are also being reconsidered in light of these changes. By looking at how these transformations are or may play out in one region, we hope to provide action-oriented insights into how work and workers can prepare for and be supported by these significant changes.

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Research Briefs

Autonomous Vehicles, Mobility, and Employment Policy: The Roads Ahead

John Leonard Samuel C. Collins Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
David Mindell Co-Chair, MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future; Dibner Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing; Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Founder and CEO, Humatics Corporation
Erik Stayton Technologist and Technology Scholar, MIT Doctoral Program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS)
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Working Papers

Avenues of Institutional Change: Technology and Urban Mobility in Southeast Michigan

Russell Glynn MIT Technology & Policy Program, SM ‘21
Kevin X. Shen MIT Technology & Policy Program SM '21; MIT Transportation, SM ’21
Mario Goetz MIT Department of Urban Studies & Planning, MCP '20
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Research Briefs

Factories of the Future: Technology, Skills, and Digital Innovation at Large Manufacturing Firms

Susan Helper Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Elisabeth Reynolds Executive Director, MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future; Executive Director, MIT Industrial Performance Center; Principal Research Scientist; Lecturer, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Daniel Traficonte PhD Candidate, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Anuraag Singh Fellow, System Design and Management
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Research Briefs

Skill Training for Adults

Paul Osterman Nanyang Technological University Professor of Human Resources and Management; Co-director, MIT Sloan Institute for Work and Employment Research
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