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Blog | September 1, 2019

Planting the Seeds for Manufacturing’s Additive Revolution

Haden Quinlan, Kaitlyn Gee, Eldar Shakirov

3D printers will allow consumers to become producers of their own products; in-depth knowledge of 3D printing by industry will ultimately realize its potential.

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Blog | August 1, 2019

The Changing Nature of Work

Elisabeth B. Reynolds, Alistair Payne

As globalization, technology, and new business models transform jobs, tasks, and skills, there is increased urgency around creating paths to the middle class.

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Blog | June 1, 2019

Online Course Sparks Conversations on the Work of the Future

Meghan Perdue, Digital Learning Fellow

The MITx course traditionally focused on issues relating to labor policy and organization, however, inequality, automation, and equality and diversion now rule.

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Blog | May 1, 2019

Automation: An Engineer’s Perspective

Ankit Shah

A common thread in my research working in the Interactive Robotics Group is envisioning a team of humans and autonomous agents accomplishing more together than alone.

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Blog | February 1, 2019

Super Bowl 2019: The Year of the Robots?

Dan Traficonte

MIT's WotF project hopes for a future in which new technologies are shaped by our institutional & technological choices to help people live fuller, happier lives.

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Blog | January 1, 2019

‘Twas the Dawn of the Robots

Anna Waldman-Brown, Eric Protzer

'Twas the Dawn of the Robots. A poem written by Anna Waldman-Brown and Eric Protzer in January 2019.

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Blog | December 1, 2018

Higher Education and the Work of the Future

Inez Von Weitershausen

The nature of work is changing, and as we consider ways to ensure equal opportunity, social inclusion, and prosperity, education is often presented as the answer.

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Blog | October 1, 2018

Welcome to “Work of the Future Today”

Elisabeth B. Reynolds, David A. Mindell, David Autor

This blog creates an opportunity for the MIT community to write about their ideas, research, and reflections on the relationship between technology, work, and society.

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